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Victoria Hamilton, PhD.
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One of the very few living pianists who possesses the knowledge and ability to perform
and teach in the best tradition of the piano's golden age


Mordecai Shehori, Pianist

Making a Lost Style Speak to Today's Ears (Headline)
“Mordecai Shehori, an Israeli pianist who lives and teaches in New York, has built an enthusiastic following over the past 25 years, largely on the basis of a Romantic interpretive sensibility rooted in the early decades of the 20th century.”
The New York Times

Shehori: Poetry in Music (Headline)
“Shehori's temperament seems to hunt out the poetry in musical form, the spiritual content of each score.”
The Washington Post

“Shehori is rock solid and deeply musical. This is a big-hearted interpretation, with a beautiful variety of tone colour and a sense of empathy with the composer."
BBC Music Magazine

"Everything he tackled on this formidable program emerged colorful and brightly characterized, the combination of great confidence, a lively imagination, and excellent technique.”
The Boston Globe

"Shehori is a man with exceptional gifts. Technically he is extremely accomplished, although his facility is always employed to serve his larger musical goals. As well, there is always concern on Shehori's part for the architectural design of the music and the need to impart this message to the listener.”
The Gazette, Montreal

"If you’re lucky enough to see him advertised in concert, don’t miss the chance to hear Shehori, one of the unsung giants of our time."

"Signs of a Poet and a Daredevil” (Headline)
"Fiery display of muscle, with poetic undercurrents to remind listeners that there is art within this music’s gymnastic contours. It is this balance of daredevil showmanship and pure musicality that explains the lure of Mr. Shehori’s playing.”

The New York Times

A Recitalist to Undermine a Critic (Headline)
“About halfway through Mordecai Shehori's piano recital on Monday evening at Weill Recital Hall, it occurred to me that I was enjoying myself much too much. Part of a reviewer's duty is to pay unwavering attention to the mechanical details that form the base of any proficient performance. That, however, proved difficult to do because the techniques of playing the instrument were continually being upstaged by the music itself. The musician, whose medium just happened to be the piano, consistently got under the skin of the score and cut toward the expressive bone. Result: pure, guilty pleasure. At piano recitals especially, that happens infrequently enough to deserve mention.
Mr. Shehori, who was born in Israel and studied at the Juilliard School, has developed a cult following in New York piano circles, for good reason. He certainly possesses a suitably big technique — one does not offer the public Brahms's Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel and Liszt's arrangement of the Polonaise from Tchaikovsky's "Eugene Onegin" without reliable fingers. Still, mindless and heartless keyboard fluency is not uncommon nowadays and perhaps never was. What sets Mr. Shehori apart from most virtuosos with their off-the-shelf performances is the poetic inwardness and rapturous intensity of his playing.”

The New York Times

Mordecai Shehori is a musician's musician - that is, the sort of pianist whom it will profit other pianists to study. But there is no reason why the general public shouldn't know of him, too, for he brings unity, proportion, intelligence and sensitivity to all that he plays.”
New York Newsday


Mordecai Shehori is available for solo recital appearances, chamber music collaborations, concerto performances, master classes, and lecture demonstrations.
For further information please contact:
Victoria Hamilton, PhD.
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